The 25 Montblanc pens you deserve

Montblanc pens are known for their craftsmanship, timeless class and stylish allure. Let us be your guide to find out the Montblanc pens you deserve.

Montblanc has been considered as a cornerstone of the luxury market for years. Responsible for designing everything from watches to eyewear to perfumes, Montblanc has a Where to buy Montblancparticular flair for luxury writing instruments and other stylish accessories to take what might seem like a mundane activity to new heights. Merry Richards Jewelers enjoys helping Chicago customers add extra luxury to their daily routine and does so by offering Montblanc pens and accessories to its discerning clientele.

Montblanc pens come in varieties defined not only by function but by designer collections too. For instance, Montblanc offers rollerballs, fountain pen, mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, and even highlighting document markers. Each collection is set apart by an immediately identifiable outline, opulent construction materials, and finely honed performance.

The beautiful journey from a piece’s initial inception to realization is a breathtaking passage to follow. At every step, our master craftsmen work diligently to give their best into the fine products, creating out of individual parts a truly alive and resplendent piece for you and you alone.

Montblanc’s tale began with the creation of our Meisterstück fountain pen in 1924. Perfectly handmade with the finest of European craftsmanship, the iconic writing instrument has secured cult status – and our affair with writing instruments did not stop there. It has grown to include a variety of magnificent collections, including the bejeweled Bohème and sleek, contemporary Starwalker, among venerated others.


You need to spoil yourself from time to time and yes, you deserve to have a Montblanc. The question here is: which one?

We´ll help you deciding the Montblanc pens you deserve!

Montblanc pens you deserve